Alberto Franceschini

Born in Italy in 1982, Alberto started dancing at the Centrodanza in Treviso. He then studied at the Centro Studi Danza Classica in Padova and went on to complete his formation at the Rudra Béjart School in Lausanne, Switzerland. Throughout his carreer Alberto has danced for different companies such as Tanz Graz, Tanztheater Osnabrück, Tanztheater Münster, Tanzkompanie Theater St.Gallen and in the free scene in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. He performed in choreographies by Marco Santi, Philipp Egli, Hans Henning Paar, Daniel Goldin, Philippe Saire, Andrea Boll, Elio Gervasi among many others. Since 2010 beside his activity as dancer he is developing research collaborations with different artists such as co-dancer at Cullberg Ballet; Mirko Guido, and David N.Russo. In October 2012 he co-founded the Project inSTABILE.12 with base in Treviso, Italy. Alberto came to Cullberg Ballet in January 2013.