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Intergalactic Underwater Palace

Cullbergbaletten has in collaboration with Riksteatern created a new dance production; Intergalactic Underwater Palace. The performance is for 10-12 year olds and on stage there are four dancers and a musician. The choreographer, Sebastian Matthias, born and raised in Germany, has created a playful and captivating performance that challenges the senses. Unexpectedly and dynamically, the dancers move among the audience.

The Return of the Modern Dance, by Trajal Harrell Photo: Carl Thorborg

Foto: Urban JörénPlateau Effect, by Jefta van Dinther

In 2011 Cullberg Ballet performed Jefta van Dinther’s The Way Things Go. The choreographed chain of causes and effects was a great success in Sweden, and van Dinther was acclaimed for his inventive choreography. Now, van Dinther creates a new piece specifically for Cullberg Ballet, this time for large venues, featuring nine of the Cullberg Ballet dancers.

Foto: Carl ThorborgJJ's voices, by Benoît Lachambre

In November 2009, for the first time ever, Cullberg Ballet made an entrance on the Stockholm House of Dance’s small stage with two new pieces. One of them was Canadian choreographer Benoît Lachambre's first cooperation with Cullberg Ballet; JJ's voices. The dancers carry Janis Joplin's songs through their bodies.

Photo: Figure a Sea - choreography by Deborah Hay, music/sound score by Laurie Anderson

Figure a Sea is a large group dance, a landscape in which human voice and activity combine to create a grand and emotional silence within the theater. How is it possible to sustain that silence in the hearts and minds of the performers and audiences alike? The choreographer Deborah Hay creates a new piece; Figure a Sea with sound score by composer Laurie Anderson.

11th Floor by Edouard LockPhoto: Carl Thorborg
In his first commissioned work for the company, choreographer Edouard Lock has created an exclusive and elegant passion drama, inspired by jazz and film noir of the 1950’s. 11th Floor had its words premiere in Umeå in Autumn 2014. 

Photo: Carl ThorborgPlayback

In Cullberg Ballet's Playback the audience gets to chose theme and movement character for what is going to happen on stage. With those choices as starting point the dancers improvise in different constellations and new combinations emerge. Together the audience and the dancers create unique combinations.

Photo: Urban JörénAgainst the Current, Glow by Christian Duarte

Brazilian choreographer Cristian Duarte creates his first work for Cullbergbaletten to new music created on theremin and synthesizers by Brazilian composer and musician Tom Monteiro. The solo Against the Current,Glow is created as four unique solo projects with the the idea of an expedition into the depths of a dancer’s sensory archives. In his work, Cristian Duarte has previously focused on the dancers' training history and movements they have created in previous works.

Design: Bror Rudi Reproduction (2015), by Eszter Salamon