The Apprenticeship Program

Since 2010 Cullberg Ballet has introduced an apprenticeship program within the activity Cullberg to come, Cullberg Ballet's focus on the next generation of dancers, choreographers and audiences. The apprenticeship is specifically designed to create a bridge for postgraduate students, leading them into the professional dance environment. The apprenticeship runs for the duration of the entire academic year within the framework of the educational program.

The apprenticeship offers the student:
• a daily training
• the possibility to follow rehearsals, learn repertoire and new creations
• the possibility to gain performance experience on stage and or in site specific projects produced and performed by the company   
• the possibility to tour with the company within Sweden

The apprentice receives guidance throughout the year from both the company, in the form of a mentor and a contact person/guide from the training institute. 

Each year we hold an audition for the apprenticeship; the details of the application requirements are posted on our web site and sent to various training institutions.

To be eligible for the apprenticeship you are required to be part of a postgraduate program that supports an apprenticeship placement as your final year of studies.  For various reasons we are not permitted to employ any applicants who have graduated and are seeking employment.

Information on when to apply will be published end of 2015.