Life Long Burning

General Project Description:

Life Long Burning (LLB) is a project supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union and dedicated to the sustainable support of the European contemporary dance and performance field and the enlargement of its audience. It is implemented throughout a five-year period (July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2018) by a wide-spread and highly professional network of dance associations, companies and production houses: 4Culture (RO), CCN Montpellier (FR), Cullberg Ballet (SE), danceWEB (AT), Het Veem Theater (NL), Lokomotiva (MK), Station (RS), Tala Dance Center (HR), Uferstudios (DE), Ultima Vez (BE), Workshop Foundation (HU) and workspacebrussels (BE). Through its various activities, LLB strengthens transnational cooperations, fosters the mobility of artists and their works, contributes to career development, cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue and promotes knowledge transfer, audience outreach and the public display of dance. It comprises of 10 activities: Prix Jardin d'Europe (European dance prize for emerging choreography), Dance Radar Europe (virtual PR platform), Dance Works! (co-production of dance productions), Critical Practice (training program for emerging dance writers), danceWEB Scholarships (training program for emerging dancers), Wild Cards (support of artistic development through residencies and workshops), Performance Situation Room (research and knowledge-sharing modules), teachback (research on dance education), Dance fiction (open source documentation/publications on project activities) and SuSy-Support System (education and development of young dance administrators).

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Call for dancers

Wild Card Berlin #7: A Tour through Tanztage Berlin 2016

Organized by Cullbergbaletten in the frame of the EU network project Life Long Burning/Uferstudios GmbH in cooperation with Tanztage Berlin/ Sophiensaele, Tour through Tanzhage Berlin is now calling for artists. 

The program offers the opportunity to visit all of the Tanztage performances in a small group of Berlin based choreographers. Participating in reflection about the works and sharing of thoughts on artistic and curatorial intents and ideas. In addition to these activities, there will be afternoon discussion sessions within the same small group focusing on the daily practice of a young artist.

Tour through Tanztage Berlin 2016 focuses on the daily practice of the freelance, project based artist and choreographer and its complexities. With a small group of choreographers from different settings and backgrounds, we would like to dig in and elaborate on the questions: How to start out after your education? How to create a network beneficial for your work? How to build a project with other people involved? How to get the project financed and get known in the circuit? How to address curators?

The participation includes seeing all the performances in the ten day festival and talking about the work. The tour will be guided/ moderated and some guests are invited throughout the ten days. Nevertheless, the tour has a big element of self-responsibility and thereby the participating artists are invited to address their own main points and topics within the thematic.  

Who: Swedish or Swedish based artists

When: 6-19 January 2016 (to be confirmed)

Where: Berlin, Germany

Application: Please send your CV and letter of motivation no later than 31 October 2015

Fees Covered: Uferstudios covers costs of European travel to Berlin, accommodation costs, EUR 50 per diem,

tickets to performances at Tanztage Berlin

Application: Submit your biography and letter of motivation by 15 September to Jane Hopper,

Additional: Fluency in French is an advantage, but not a requirement.

Contact Cullberg Ballet: Jane Hopper, / +46 (0) 70 637 59 30 

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.