Mini interview: Mirko Guido

Mirko Guido joined Cullberg Ballet in August 2010. In The Strindberg Project he performs in Tilman O'Donnell's new work – August did not have what is commonly considered good taste as far as furniture is concerned.

Why did you start dancing?
I was nine years old and I remember seeing a dance performance where kids of my age where jumping, turning and moving with so much passion, like I had never seen before. It was so exciting that I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. I had to do what they were doing!

Improvisation is important in Tilman O'Donnell’s works. As a dancer how do you work with/approach the impro technique?
The answer to this question could take pages. So, I m just gonna say that in this moment of my career the improvisation technique is the most important tool to create movement, and also to perform, simply because it can take you to places that you could never think about.  Some of my recent key words are silence, necessity, experience….and turn your head!! If that makes any sense…

In Cullberg Ballet we have dancers from all over the world, and many of you have lived in various places before coming to Sweden. How is it to travel around the world, living in different countries, joining different dance companies?
Well, it is beautiful on one hand, not easy on the other! For me it is important to stay open minded, living and visiting all these countries, meeting people from so many different cultures is so inspiring and enriching.

What is an inspirational moment in your dancing?
I feel very inspired when I have no idea what is happening and yet I know exactly what is happening. Basically it is just happening, to and through me.

Mirko was born 1981 in Lecce, Italy. He trained at the Schweizerische Ballet Berufsschule in Zürich and at L'Ecole-Atelier Rudra-Béjart in Lausanne. Mirko has danced with Thoss Dance Company, Donlon Dance Company, Tanz Theater Bielefeld, Theater Hagen as guest and in the musical Notre Dame de Paris. He has performed in many works by several choreographers such as Crystal Pite, Benoît Lachambre, Lightfoot/León, Stephan Toss, Itzik Galili, Maurice Béjart, Carolyn Carlson, Marguerite Donlon, Martino Müller, Rafael Bonachela, Marco Goecke, Karine Guizzo and Jo Strömgren among others. In 2008-2009 the Donlon Dance Company performed two of Mirko Guido’s works, and in 2010, the Thoss Dance Company presented his piece unwritten…. In 2008 Mirko won the first prize and the audience prize for his choreography Tra me e se, Forse at the International Competition for Choreographers in Hannover. The same year he was nominated as ”Young choreographer to watch” by the Ballet-Tanz yearbook.