Intergalactic Underwater Palace

Riksteatern and Cullbergbaletten present Intergalactic Underwater Palace

Riksteatern and Cullbergbaletten join forces in creating dance for children. Rising star choreographer Sebastian Matthias (DE) makes his first piece in Sweden. Intergalactic Underwater Palace will premiere in Umeå, September 29, 2015, and tour in schools all over the country.

Riksteatern continues the successful venture in dance for children and young people. Following earlier successes with Bartolomeo, Master Minds, Rosa Brus and Kamuyot, Intergalactic Underwater Palace will be presented for 10-12 year olds. On stage: four dancers and one musician.

The choreographer, Sebastian Matthias, born and raised in Germany, has created a playful and captivating performance that challenges the senses. The dancers move around the audience in this unexpected and dynamic work.

"Intergalactic Underwater Palace is about sensory impressions and a journey through different worlds. I am fascinated by how different impressions that don't actually belong together influence one another. For instance, an underwater environment that is combined with movements from space or robots. If you then change to a completely different environment, like a castle or a crystal palace, how is the body affected? How does it feel? That's the way I want to work with bodies and environments. I want children's playfulness to be part of the performance," says Sebastian Matthias.

The set design becomes an interplay between audience and dancers, which affects – and is affected by - the movement of the audience and the dancers.

 "The set design resembles a humourous, living organism that not only circles but encircles what is happening, as if an alien suddenly landed in a sports hall," says set designer Johanna Mårtensson.

Ida Lundén has composed the music for Intergalactic Underwater Palace and she also takes part as musician in the performance.

Sebastian Matthias was educated at Juilliard in New York and works on an international basis. Intergalactic Underwater Palace is his first commissioned work in Sweden.

Intergalactic Underwater Palace
Choreography: Sebastian Matthias
Music/Musician on tour: Ida Lundén
Set design: Johanna Mårtensson

Dancers: David Nondorf, Oskar Landström, Malika Ali*, Madeleine Tell** 

*Apprentice from Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten
** Apprentice from The Royal Swedish Ballet School

Duration: 40 minutes, no intermission.

Intergalactic Underwater Palace is a co-production between Riksteatern and Cullbergbaletten.