Negro con Flores

Johan Inger was the artistic director of Cullberg Ballet from 2003 to 2008. As a choreographer he has created numerous prominent works and his Negro con Flores was a huge success when it premiered in the autumn of 2005. Johan Inger is the recipient of many awards.

”Negro con Flores exists in a landscape between darkness and light, levity and gravity. It progresses through a formation of moods with the goal of breaking loose, moving on. This piece is an attempt to deviate from the path I know and by doing so, hopefully find new beginnings.”  (Johan Inger, 2005)

Choreography, sets and costumes: Johan Inger
Music: Stefan Levin (composed for Cullberg Ballet)
Violin solo: Jan Stigmer
Lighting design: Erik Berglund

Duration 35 minutes
World premiere 4 November 2005, Dansens Hus Stockholm, Sweden
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“The movements are mixed with an edginess remi¬niscent of slapstick or cartoons, the dance around a bouquet of roses in particular has comic force and features surprising elements. Inger exploits the Cull¬berg dancers’ unique combination of technique and drama.”
Göteborgs-Posten 06.11.2005
“But it is in Negro con Flores that he surprises us with a new approach. Something of the cocky leaps and lifts of street dancers feature in this work, which swings between tenderness and brutality” 
Expressen 05.11.2006


Johan Inger

Johan Inger
Johan Inger was born in Stockholm and educated at the Royal Swedish Ballet School and at the National Ballet School in Canada. In 1985 Johan Inger joined the Royal Swedish Ballet, where he in 1989 became a soloist. In 1990 he joined the Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) in Holland.

Johan Inger's official breakthrough as a choreographer came with Mellantid (Swedish for In Between Time) - his first work for NDT II - as part of the 1995 Holland Dance Festival. This work was crowned with the 1996 Philip Morris Finest Selection Award in the category of Contemporary Dance. Mellantid has been followed by several creations for NDT I, NDT II and NDT III.

In 2001 Johan Inger's Mellantid was nominated for the British Laurence Olivier Award as 'Best New Dance Production'. In October 2001 he received the Lucas Hoving Production Award for his works Dream Play and Walking Mad. In 2005 Walking Mad and Cullberg Ballet received Danza & Danza's award for best performance in 2004. In 2006 Johan Inger received the Birgit Cullberg scholarship.

Johan Inger left the artistic directorship of Cullberg Ballet in the summer of 2008 to continue as a freelance choreographer. He lives in Sevilla, Spain, and is currently resident choreographer for NDT.