Samuel Draper

On leave of absence

Birthplace: Durham, UK

Samuel Draper was born in Durham, UK in 1992. For seven years he trained in sports acrobatic gymnastics before starting his dance education at the age of 15 at Dance City Academy Centre for Advanced Training, Newcastle in 2007. After graduating in 2010 he moved on to Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance in London where he trained for three years, until 2013. Samuel has taken part in many workshops such as Authorship and Practice for Performers with Chrysa Parkinson, Fighting Monkey with Jozef Frucek and Linda Kapetanea, Flying Low with David Zambrano and Leila McMillan, Gaga Intensive in Tel Aviv, and Susan Klein Technique with Susan Klein. Since 2008 he has worked with various choreographers including Neville Campbell, Theo Clinkard and Kerry Nicholls, among others. Samuel Draper joined Cullberg Ballet in the spring 2013.