Ina Christel Johannessen


Birthplace: Norway

Ina Christel Johannessen is the artistic leader and choreographer of the Zero Visibility Corp, based in Oslo, Norway. The company had its international breakthrough with the work it’s only a rehearsal in 2003, which was a major success performing over one hundered times. The company tours in Europe regularly, most recently with three different works. Ina trained at the National College of Performing Arts in Oslo, where she now teaches choreography classes. A very important part of Ina’s artistic profile and work has been the close relationship with the national company of contemporary dance Carte Blanche, based in Bergen. Since 1992, Ina Christel Johannessen has created thirteen full-evening works for the company.

Ina has also worked with several international companies and institutions, among them Helsinki City Dance Company, The Royal Swedish Opera, Scottish Dance Theatre, Iceland Dance Company, The National Theatre in Oslo, Norway, Dance and Theatre Academy of Helsinki, Finland, and the National College of Performing Arts, also in Oslo.

In 2010 Ina Christel Johannessen premiered new creations for Oldenburg Tanztheatre, Zero Visibility Corp and Carte Blanche. In 2011 she will, beside True Stories of Castaways and Other Survivors, also create new piece for Zero Visibility and The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet

Ina’s work is characterized by high energy in the physical movements merged with very poetic and often theatrical elements. She is involved in and cooperating on the creating of visual elements such as lighting and scenography, which play crucial parts of her work as a whole. The musical elements are always composed of electronic works from international composers, either new or rewritten works.