Trajal Harrell


Birthplace: Douglas, Georgia, USA

Trajal Harrell who works at the interface between contemporary dance and the foundations of voguing tours around the world and several of his works have been selected as best dance works by Time Out New York. Harrell’s works have been invited to international festivals and have been presented on several places in USA. Trajal Harrell is perhaps best known for a series of work titled Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at the Judson Church which re-imagine a meeting between early postmodern dance and the voguing dance tradition and created in seven series. All seven works in the series continue to tour internationally. Antigone Sr., the large in the series, won the 2012 Bessie Award for Best Production. Most recently, he began a new research examining butoh dance from the theoretical praxis of voguing. His work, Used Abused and Hung Out to Dry, premiered at The Museum of Modern Art-MoMA in February 2013, where he got a two-year residency further developing this new body of work.